Call for Abstracts




  • The abstract should be written in English and submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx format only).
  • The abstract should be typed in A4 size paper, Times New Roman font style, 11-point font size, and single spacing. (Please refer to the abstract template)
  • The maximum word count is 300 words, containing the following items:
    • Title (maximum 50 words)
    • Authors’ details: Authors’ names should be written in full, without academic title. It should be written as first name and followed by family name (Example: John Smith). The email address of the corresponding author (*) should be provided.
    • Affiliation details: It should include detail of the institution, postal code, and country.
    • Abstract: Abstract should have Backgrounds, Methods, Results and Conclusions
    • Keywords (3-5 keywords)
    • Please download the abstract template here.


  • 30 June 2022, 23:59