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Salizawati Muhamad Salhimi

Salizawati Muhamad Salhimi, Dr.
B.Sc. (UKM)
PhD (London)
J02 Room 105
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tel : 604-6577888 Ext. 2194
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Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Research Interest

Cancer biology, signal transduction, RNAi technology, cell culture, confocal and time-lapse microscopy

Selected Publication

F. van Delft, O. Yiannikouris, S. Salhimi, C. Moss, L. Jones, S. Senderovich, N. Patel, S. Alexander, S. Krishnan, J.Strefford, B. Young, C. Harrisson, D. Bonnet, C. Watts, I. Hart, V. Saha (2006). Overexpression of the AEP in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia with dup(21q) may contribute to therapeutic outcome. Proceedings 97th American Association for Cancer Research

M. Ylipalosaari, G.J. Thomas, M. Nystrom, S. Salhimi, J.F. Marshall, V. Huotari, T. Tervahartiala, T. Sorsa, T. Salo (2005). avb6 integrin down-regulates the MMP-13 expression in oral squamous cell carcinoma cells. Exp Cell Res. 309(2):273-83

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