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Roza Dianita

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Roza Dianita, Dr.
Senior Lecturer
BPharm (Andalas University, Indonesia)
MSc (Chemistry)(UKM)
PhD (Pharmacy)(UKM)
J01 Room 130A
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tel : 604-6533888 Ext. 2072
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Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Research Interest

Natural products with atherosclerotic-related activity (antioxidant, oxidized LDL, platelet, antiinflammation, antihyperlipidemic activities); Standardization of herbs and plant extracts.


Phytochemistry, analytical chemistry for standardization of herbal extracts, pharmacology of plant extracts and the compounds.

Selected Publication

  1. Dianita, R. & Jantan, I. 2017. Ethnomedicinal uses, phytochemistry and pharmacological aspects of the genus Premna: a review. Pharmaceutical Biology 55(1): 1715-1739.
  2. Dianita, R., Jantan, I., Jalil, J. & Amran, A.Z. 2016. Effects of Labisia pumila var alata extracts on the lipid profile, serum antioxidant status and abdominal aorta of high cholesterol diet rats. Phytomedicine 23: 810-817.
  3. Dianita, R., Jantan, I., Amran, A.Z. & Jalil, J. 2015. Protective effects of Labisia pumila var alata on biochemical and histopathological alterations of the cardiac muscle cells in isoproterenol-induced myocardial infarction rats. Molecules 20: 4746-4763.
  4. Amran, A.Z., Jantan, I., Dianita, R. & Buang, F. 2014. Protective effects of the standardized extract of Zingiber officinale on myocardium against isoproterenol-induced biochemical and histopathological alterations in rats. Pharmaceutical Biology 53(12): 1795-1802.
  5. Dianita, R. Ramasamy, K. & Ab Rahman, N. 2011. Antibacterial activity of different extracts of Clidemia hirta (L.) D. Don leaves. Planta Medica 77: 1229-1472.
  6. Dianita, R. & Nor Hanisah S.M. 2010. Pharmacognosical and physicochemical characteristics of Malaysian Allium fistulosum bulb. Malaysian Journal of Pharmacutical Sciences (Abstract) Suppl. 1: p99.
  7. Dianita, R. & Ikram M. Said. 2009. Chemical constituents of Croton ensifolius leaves. Planta Medica (Abstract) 9: 972-973.
  8. Wahyuni, F.S., Byrne, L.T., Dachriyanus, Dianita, R., Jubahar, J., Lajis, N.H. & Sargent, M.V. 2004. A new ring-reduced tetrahydropnylattoluquinone and a prenylated xanthone from Garcinia cowa. Australian Journal of Chemistry 57: 223-226.
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