Discipline of Social & Administrative Pharmacy

Services & Consultation:

  1. Pharmacy practice research
  2. Pharmacoeconomic analysis
  3. Health technology assessment
  4. PRO instrument validation, translation and valuation
  5. Research methods & biostatistics
  6. Social Pharmacy Research (Area of research focus: Use of qualitative methodology in patient medicines utilization studies)
  7. Pharmacy Practice Research (Area of research focus:  Exploring new emerging roles for pharmacist innovative services)
  8. Health System Research (Area of research focus: Studies related how to  improve efficiency of public health pharmacy services)
  9. Pharmacoepidemiology (Area of focus: Research especially focusing on non prescription and OTC medicines utilization in society)
  10. Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis (Area of focus: Affordability and Access to medicines, generic medicines utilization studies)
  11. Patient Reported Outcome Research
  12. Health System Research
  13. Pharmacoepidemiology & Public Health
  14. Preference Elicitation Methods
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