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    B.Pharm(Hons) (UIA), M.Pharm (Clinical Pharmacy) (USM)

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    Discipline of Clinical Pharmacy

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    MPS-Immunisation Advocacy Chapter

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    J01 Room 131

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Nur Hafzan Md. Hanafiah, Ms

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Graduated with BPharm (Hons) from International Islamic Unversity Malaysia and completed her Master's in Clinical Pharmacy from Universiti Sains Malaysia. She had joined the Ministry of Health before moving to her current post as a clinical pharmacy lecturer at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in USM.

She is currently the Chairperson of the Malaysian Pharmacist Society (MPS) Immunisation Advocacy Chapter (2022-2024) and also the Coordinator for the development of the Certified Training Programme on Immunisation for Pharmacists (CTPIP).

  • Research interest revolves around personalized medicine in oncology (Solid and Hematology) and aseptic dispensing in pharmacy practice. Current work involves pharmacy education development and health promotion focusing on cancer, vaccination and immunization, and other clinical pharmacy-related studies.

    Ongoing Research

    1. Association of Total Anticholinergic Burden with Hospital Outcomes in Acutely Hospitalised Geriatric Patients: A Prospective Single-center Cohort Study
    2. Sleep health among Malaysian adults in the ‘New Normal Way of Living’-An explorative survey of sleep attitude and sleep hygiene practice and sleep quality.
    3. Mental Health Literacy among Youth Attending Tertiary Learning Institutions in Malaysia: Developing a New Approach for Mental Health Education Programme
    4. Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake in Malaysia: Modelling a New Approach for Immunisation Advocacy Education Programme.
    5. Impact of Pharmacist Smoking Cessation Intervention on Quit Rate Among Hospitalised Patients in Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan.
    6. Determination of ER Stress Molecular Pathway Expression and Related Metabolites in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Progression.
    7. Colorectal Cancers Therapies Among Patients at Malaysian Hospitals to Determine and Evaluate Molecular Subtypes-Based Treatment.
    8. Breast Cancer Progression and Chemotherapy Complications in Patients with and without Type 2 Diabetes: An Ambispective Observational Studies.
    9. Knowledge, Attitude and Perception of the Public in Malaysia towards Health Supplements
    1. Pharmacy Practice
    2. Clinical Pharmacy Practice
    3. Pharmaceutical Care (Medication Therapy Management)
    4. Personalized Medicine in Oncology (Solid and Hematology)
    5. Aseptic Dispensing (cytotoxic and total parenteral nutrition)
    6. Vaccination and Immunisation
    7. Health System Research
    8. Public Health/Pharmacy Education Development
    9. Health Promotion
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  • BPharm Courses:

    1. FAR347 Oncology Pharmacy
    2. FAR352 Clinical Pharmacy Practice
    3. FAR457 Medication Counseling Practice
    4. FAR458 Nuclear Pharmacy
    5. FAR461 Hospital Pharmacy

    MPharm Courses:

    1. FCP557 Pharmacotherapeutic V
    2. FCP562 Surgery Clerkship
    3. FEL508 Research And Dissertation
    1. Consulting Advisor for Pharmaceutical Care Service Diabetes Melitus in Pusat Sejahtera USM
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    2. 2019, Nur Hafzan Binti Md Hanafiah, Clinical Oncology Pharmacy Clerkship Workbook/Manual 2019/20, LY2019005443
    3. 2020, Nur Hafzan Binti Md Hanafiah, Dzul Azri Bin Mohamed Noor, Saad Bin Othman, Zuraidah Binti Mohd Yusoff, Oncology Pharmacy Service Clerkship Module 2020, LY2020002493
    4. 2021, Balamurugan A/l Tangiisuran, Adilah Binti Mohamed Ariff, Asdariah Binti Misnan, Azaharudin Bin Awang Ahmad, Halilol Rahman Bin Mohamed Khan, Mahiya Nabilla Rosaria Binti Abdul Hamid, Mohd Fadhli Bin Razali, Nur Afni Binti Amir, Nur Hafzan Binti Md Hanafiah, Sazaroni Binti Md Rashid, Sulastri Binti Samsudin, DRUG AND POISON INFORMATION SERVICE MODULE.

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