School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia

Discipline of Physiology

At the Discipline of Physiology, the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences we believe that studying physiology is a key life science essential to our understanding of human and animal life function. With the increasing specialization of biomedical research, physiology provides an essential framework within which new knowledge of what “life” is and how to cope with stress imposed upon our bodies by environmental changes and diseases is seeked in our laboratories.

Research specialties offered:

   1.   Autonomic modulation of cardiovascular functions
  2.   Natural product research
  3.   Antidiabetic effects of medicinal plants
  4.   Reproductive Biotechnology
  5.   Reproductive Physiology
  6.   Neurohumoral control of cardiovascular & renal function
  7.   Translational & Integrative physiology
  8.   Gene therapy – Drugs of the future
  9.   Herbal research - Pharmacological and toxicological evaluation and formulation
  10.  Boidiversity of amphibians and reptiles in Peninsular Malaysia
  11.   Identification and characterization of protein and others chemical substance from frog skin secretion
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School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
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