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If you are in a dilemma whether to follow your passion to pursue a postgraduate degree as an extra academic credential for yourself or to get the FRP status first, we have an ideal solution for you. The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PPSF), USM is now offering a PRP training track in Research & Development (R&D) Academia which allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

PRP R&D Academia@USM is a unique professional-training-cum-academic-programme combining both PRP training and a Master's degree. Under this track, the PRP will undergo a 12-week pharmacy practice attachment at hospital (outpatient and inpatient pharmacies) and spend the rest of the weeks at PPSF working on a research project. At the end of the programme, you will be registered under the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia (aka Lembaga Farmasi Malaysia) as a fully-registered pharmacist (FRP) and be awarded a Master's degree, subject to the fulfilment of the programme requirements. 

Why choose PRP R&D Academia at USM?

  • Fast-track to attain full registration as an FRP and a Master's degree
  • Skip the long wait for PRP posting
  • Acquire both pharmacy practice and research skills
  • Give an extra edge to your career as a registered pharmacist. 
  • Broaden your career options to R&D industry, pharmaceutical industry and academia
  • A Master's degree from No.1 pharmacy school in Malaysia and 13th in Asia (QS Ranking by Pharmacology & Pharmacy Subject 2021)

How to apply for PRP R&D programme?

  1. Identify a supervisor (Find your potential supervisor here) and discuss your research and PRP plan with him/her
  2. Register with IPS USM as a USM postgraduate student  (Apply here)
  3. Identify a PRP preceptor registered with the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia (See here)
  4. Prepare the required documents for registration with the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia 
    1. Offer letter from IPS USM 
    2. Signed Preceptor-PRP agreement
    3. Research proposal
    4. Completed FLL (ii) form (Download here)
    5. Letter of Offer for PRP Academia from USM (Fill in this request form here. Documents (i)-(iv) are required)
    6. Signed USM-PRP agreement (USM-PRP agreement comes together with Document (v))
  5. Email all the documents to the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia at and cc to the Preceptor and PPSF at least two (2) weeks before the date of training stated in the USM-PRP agreement.
  6. Upon receiving the approval (a notification letter via email) from the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia, submit the following documents to PPSF:
    1. One copy of every document in (4)
    2. Notication letter from Pharmacy Board of Malaysia
    3. Signed Page 2 of PRP Academic Logbook (Download here)
    4. Signed 'Responsibilites of PRP' form (Download here)
  7. Registration is done. You may begin your PRP journey at USM.  

During PRP-ship 

All PRPs are required to download all the following documents (Download here) and get them completed and verified by the preceptors by the end of the PRP-ship. 

  1. PRP Academia@USM Training Handbook
  2. Medication Counselling Guideline by the Ministry of Health Malaysia
  3. Counselling Technique Assessment Form (For the preceptors to assess the PRPs' counselling skills)

How to apply for PRP attachment at hospital?

  1. There are six hospitals in Pulau Pinang which take PRP attachment, namely Hospital Pulau Pinang, Hospital Seberang Jaya, Hospital Bukit Mertajam, Hospital Kepala Batas, Hospital Sungai Bakap and Hospital Balik Pulau. 
  2. PRP can select any 4 out of 6 options, then complete the PRP Hospital Attachment form and get it endorsed by the preceptor.
  3. PRP then emails the form to Bahagian Perkhidmatan Farmasi at Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Pulau Pinang at (Pn Amirah Hanani) and CC to Dr Sabariah ( and Puan Noraiza Abdul Latiff (
  4. JKN will forward your application with the hospitals of your choice. 
  5. Hospital which agrees to receive the PRP will notify the JKN. The result will be forwarded to the School.
  6. PRP will be informed of the application result by the School. 

For more information, please kindly contact Programme Coordinator, Dr Sabariah Noor Harun (

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