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    Discipline of Clinical Pharmacy

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Amer Hayat Khan, Dr

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The focus of my career has been directing the strategic development of academic programs and services that elevate academic standards effectively incorporating real-world connections into the curriculum to optimize the learning experience. In my current role as Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy, I excel at building team culture through strong adaptive leadership delivering a rigorous and engaging academic experience. I provide comprehensive support to faculty spearheading coordination, the guidance of the curriculum, pedagogy, and aligning capabilities with organizational vision and mission. My desire is to elevate professional proficiencies of PhD and graduate level students, creating strategies based upon program performance and assessment cycle benchmarks.

I possess a keen ability to drive program success, leveraging strong content knowledge to ensure that all programs comply with Higher Learning Commission guidelines. Furthermore, I have created an inclusive learning environment promoting accessibility for underrepresented populations.
Additional highlights within my career include:
• Talent for building professional and working relationships with educators and faculty to facilitate continual development opportunities.
• Provide mentoring and professional development training along with supervision of PhD and graduate research projects. Moderate discussions on Clinical Pharmacy Practices, Public Health, and Hospital Clerkship.

My research specialties are Infectious Diseases, Antibiotic Stewardship, Infectious diseases associated with nephrological challenges, Epidemiology and Clinical Pharmacy services in health care system improvement, and actively supervising Ph.D. and master research projects (Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacy Practice) in main/co-supervision. I have some international research collaborations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Indonesia, Pakistan & Australia.

In my current position, my philosophy has been creating an efficient, open, and collaborative process of joint governance as appropriate to each task; this has been vital to my leadership success. My track record of working effectively and building consensus with faculty, staff, and students. I supervised postgrad researcher projects [(Ph.D.’s in total=20; 13 in Main supervision); (Masters in research mode=15; 11 in main supervision); (Master’s by course work research project=09); (Master’s in Medicine research project=03)]. The number of publications are +300 and Scopus H-index is 19.

  • Research interest 

    1. Infectious diseases / Antibiotic Stewardship
    2. Nephrology
    3. Epidemiology
    4. Adherence & Treatment Outcomes
    5. Clinical Pharmacy & Public Health

    Ongoing Research

    1. Monitoring Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV Patients Using A Point of Care Advance Adherence Techniques.,
    2. Evaluation of Management and Treatment Outcomes of MDR TB Patients Receiving Bedaquiline Containing All Oral Regimen in Pakistan.
    3. Evaluation of Antibiotic Utilization Among Neonates and Children in Punjab, Pakistan.
    4. Weekly Versus Daily Doses of Azithromycin for Prevention of Acute Exacerbations of COPD: A Randomized Controlled Trial
    5. Predictors of Acceptance of Clinical Pharmacy Recommendations, in a tertiary care hospital
    6. Prevalence, Clinical Manifestations, Treatment Outcomes, Cost of treatment & Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) of Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis (CPA) Patients in Lahore, Pakistan
    7. Development of Pharmacometrics for Disease Progression Model and Assessment of Depression Level Among Geriatric Kidney Diseases
    1. Teaching & Learning
    2. Course Development
    3. Research
    1. Ahmed, N.; Balaha, M.; Haseeb, A.; Khan, A. Antibiotic Usage in Surgical Prophylaxis: A Retrospective Study in the Surgical Ward of a Governmental Hospital in Riyadh Region.  Healthcare 2022, 10, 387.
    2. Ishaq, R., Shoaib, M., Baloch, Khan, A.H*. Profile and Predictors of Maternal Quality of Life During Physiological Pregnancy: A Cross-Sectional Analysis. Frontiers in Public Health, 2022, 9, 801035. Front. Public Health, 2022
    3. Muhammad Kashif Habib, Muhammad Naeem Khan, and Amer Hayat Khan*. Medication Errors and Type 2 Diabetes Management: A Qualitative Exploration of Physicians’ Perceptions, Experiences and Expectations from Quetta City, Pakistan. Frontiers in Medicne. doi: 10.3389/fmed.2022.846530
    4. Mohammad Ali Khaleel, Amer Hayat Khan*,Siti Maisharah Sheikh Ghadzi,Azreen Syazril Adnan and Qasem M. Abdallah. A Standardized Dataset of a Spontaneous Adverse Event Reporting System. Healthcare 2022; 10 (420).   
    5. Ahmed NJ, Almalki ZS, Alfaifi AA, Alshehri AM, Alahmari AK, Elazab E, Almansour A, Haseeb A, Balaha MF, Khan AH*. Implementing an Antimicrobial Stewardship Programme to Improve Adherence to a Perioperative Prophylaxis Guideline. Healthcare. 2022; 10(3):464.
    6. Mustafa ZU, Haroon S, Aslam N, Saeed A, Salman M, Hayat K, Shehzadi N, Hussain K and Khan AH. Exploring Pakistani Physicians’ Knowledge and Practices Regarding High Alert Medications: Findings and Implications. Front. Pharmacol. 2022; 13:744038. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2022.744038
    7. Zia Ul Mustafa, Muhammad Salman, Irsa Jamal, Mahpara Kanwal, Muhammad Bilal Riaz, Syed Shahzad Hasan, Amer Hayat Khan. A pharmacist-led educational intervention to improve nebulization-related knowledge and practices of nursing staf: a pre–post interventional study from Pakistan. Drugs & Therapy Perspectives
    8. Ahmed, Nehad J.; Balaha, Mohamed F.; Almalki, Ziyad S.; Khan, Amer H. The Antibiotic Resistance Profiles of Bacterial Strains Isolated from Patients who had Gram-negative Bacterial Infections. Latin American Journal of Pharmacy. 2022: Volume 41, Issue 3, Pages 501 – 505.
    9. Ramzan, K.; Shafiq, S.; Raees, I.; Mustafa, Z.U.; Salman, M.; Khan, A.H.; Meyer, J.C.; Godman, B. Co-Infections, Secondary Infections, and Antimicrobial Use in Patients Hospitalized with COVID-19 during the First Five Waves of the Pandemic in Pakistan; Findings and implications. Antibiotics 2022, 11, 789.
    10. Massud A, Syed Sulaiman SA, Ahmad N, Shafqat M, Chiau Ming L and Khan AH*. Frequency and Management of Adverse Drug Reactions Among Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Patients: Analysis from a Prospective Study. Front. Pharmacol. 2022; 13:883483. doi:
    11. Mustafa, Zia U., Marriam Nazir, Hafiza K. Majeed, Muhammad Salman, Khezar Hayat, Amer H. Khan, Johanna C. Meyer, and Brian Godman. 2022. "Exploring Knowledge of Antibiotic Use, Resistance, and Stewardship Programs among Pharmacy Technicians Serving in Ambulatory Care Settings in Pakistan and the Implications" Antibiotics 11, no. 7: 921.
    12. Loai Saadah*, Amer H. Khan, Syed Azhar Syed Sulaiman, Iman Bashiti. Independent pharmacist prescriber in critical care: One step closer with artificial intelligence. Informatics in Medicine Unlocked. 2022; Volume 32;101015.
    13. Alrebish, S.A.; Ahmed, N.J.; Al Hamed, H.; Kumar, A.; Yusufoglu, H.S.; Khan, A.H. Antibiotic Susceptibility of Bacterial Pathogens Stratified by Age in a Public Hospital in Qassim. Healthcare 2022, 10, 1757.
  • Postgraduate Teaching (MPharm (Clinical Pharmacy) by Course Work)

    1. FCP553 Pharmaco-therapeutics III [Infectious Diseases]
    2. FCP555 Pharmaco-therapeutics IV [Psychotic disorders]
    3. FCP558 Clinical Pharmacy Practice [TPN]
    4. FCP565 Hospital Clerkship [Infectious Diseases]

    Undergraduate Teaching

    1. FAR451 Applied Therapeutics I
    2. FAR454 Applied Therapeutics II
    3. FAR455 Hospital Pharmacy Practice
    4. FAR456 Community Pharmacy Practice
    5. FAR457 Medication Counselling Practice
    6. FAR458 Nuclear Pharmacy
    7. FAR344 Central Nervous System & Therapy
    8. FEL274 Health Promotion
    9. FAR241 Antimicrobial Therapeutics
    10. FAR191 Research Methodology & Statistics in Pharmacy

     Hospital-based Undergraduate Pharmacy Clerkship

    1. Medicine I [Nephrology]
    2. Medicine II [Respiratory]
    3. Hospital Pharmacy [Out Patient Department]
    4. Community Pharmacy
    5. Nuclear Pharmacy 

    Course Co-ordinator

    1. FCP558 M.Pharm Applied Therapeutics III [TPN]
    2. FAR458 Nuclear Pharmacy
    3. FAR191 Research Methodology & Statistics in Pharmacy
    1. CKD Unit, Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia
    2. Curriculum development, Quaid-e-Azam University, Pakistan
    1. Research Designed for it
    1. Silver Medal Winner (2022): International University Carnival on E-Learning (IUCEL-2022) with the theme of Invention, Innovation & Design on e-Learning (IIDEL) Competition.
    2. Poster Titled, “SIMOPD SIMULATED OUTPATIENT PHARMACY DEPARTMENT CLERKSHIP” University Putra Malaysia 28th – 30th June 2022
    3. Incentive / Award (USM_2021); Clinical Efficacy Assessment of Antiviral-Antibiotic Combination Therapy for Prevention of Complications Associated with Severe Influenza Infection. Insentif Graduate on Time; [1001/PFARMASI/823173]MYR=3,000.00
    4. Incentive / Award (USM-2020): Medication-related Problems and appearance rate in chronic kidney disease patients: A multicentre prospective cohort study. Insentif Graduate on Time; [1001/PFARMASI/823173] MYR=3,000.00
    5. Best Paper Award (2017): Development of predictive equation for AKI among Dengue patients, Findings from a Large Retrospective Cohort.
    6. 1st Asia Pacific Acute Kidney Injury & Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy 20-23/08/2017, Convention Centre K.L.
    7. Anugerah Sanggar Sanjung Award (2015): Article Titled “Management and Treatment Outcomes of MDR-TB: Results from a Setting with High Rates of Drug Resistance. The Int. J. of TB & Lung Disease,9(1); 1109-14. Awarding Body: USM Country: Malaysia
    8. USM Int. Travelling Award (2013): Bacteriology & Infectious Diseases Conference 2013, Baltimore, USA. Awarding Body: USM Country: Malaysia-USA

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