School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia

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    PhD, Pg Dip Health Economics, BPharm (Hons)

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    Discipline of Social and Administrative Pharmacy

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    Institutional Planning & Strategic Centre, USM

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    J01 Room 101B

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    +604-6533888 Ext. 4726

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Asrul Akmal Shafie, Prof Dr

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Economic analysis of rare disease (2 Years)

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Economic analysis of e-cigarette (2 Years)

At present, I am the Professor of Pharmacoeconomics and Director of the Institutional Planning & Strategic Centre at Universiti Sains Malaysia. In my current role, I am responsible for strategically driving the university’s excellence and competitiveness at the global and national levels.

I completed my Ph.D. degree in 2008. My research interests are in pharmacoeconomic and health service research, where I have published more than 400 peer-reviewed journal articles and books/monographs with an H-Index of 41. I am currently an appointed expert member for the UK National Institute for Health Research Committee, Malaysia Institute of Health Service Research, and Malaysia Pharmacoeconomic Technical Committee.

  • Research Interest

    1. Pharmacoeconomics
    2. Economic evaluation
    3. Quality of life

    Ongoing Research

    1. Development of EQ5DY value for Malaysia
    2. Cost analysis of rare disease
    1. Pharmacoeconomics
    2. Economic evaluation
    3. Quality of life
    1. Shafie AA, Chhabra IK, Wong JHY, Mohammed NS. Mapping PedsQL™ Generic Core Scales to EQ-5D-3L utility scores in transfusion-dependent thalassemia patients. The European Journal of Health Economics. 2021;22(July):735-47.
    2. Shafie AA, Vasan Thakumar A. Multiplicative modelling of EQ-5D-3L TTO and VAS values. The European Journal of Health Economics. 2020;21(9):1411-20.
    3. Shafie AA, Supian A, Ahmad Hassali MA, Ngu L-H, Thong M-K, Ayob H, et al. Rare disease in Malaysia: Challenges and solutions. PLOS ONE. 2020;15(4):e0230850.
    4. Shafie AA, Vasan Thakumar A, Lim CJ, Luo N, Rand-Hendriksen K, Md Yusof FA. EQ-5D-5L Valuation for the Malaysian Population. Pharmacoeconomics. 2019;37(5):715-25.
    5. Shafie AA, Yeo HY, Coudeville L, Steinberg L, Gill BS, Jahis R, et al. The Potential Cost Effectiveness of Different Dengue Vaccination Programmes in Malaysia: A Value-Based Pricing Assessment Using Dynamic Transmission Mathematical Modelling. PharmacoEconomics. 2017:1-15.
    6. Shafie AA, Chaiyakunapruk N, Supian A, Lim J, Zafra M, Hassali MAA. State of rare disease management in Southeast Asia. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases. 2016;11:107.
    7. Shafie AA, Hassali MA. Willingness to pay for voluntary community-based health insurance: findings from an exploratory study in the state of Penang, Malaysia. Social Science & Medicine. 2013;96(0):272-6.
    1. FAR191 Research Methodology & Statistics in Pharmacy
    2. FAR192 Social & Public Health Pharmacy
    3. FAR291 Pharmaceutical Management & Marketing
    4. FAR391 Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics in Developing Countries
    1. Budget impact analysis
    2. Economic evaluation
    3. Patient-reported outcomes
    1. Member of the U.K. National Institute for Health Research Committee
    2. Member of the Malaysian Institute of Health Service Research
    3. Member of Malaysia Pharmacoeconomics Technical Committee

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