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    Discipline of Social & Administrative Pharmacy

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    PLOS One Journal

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    Malaysian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Ong Siew Chin, Dr

Dr Ong is currently a senior lecturer and programme chairman of Discipline of Social and Administrative Pharmacy, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia. She completed her PhD degree from the National University of Singapore in the field of pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research. Upon graduating from PhD, she served National University Hospital Singapore, SingHealth Centre for Health Services Research and Ministry of Health Singapore, Health Technology Assessment, Health Services Research and Evaluation Division prior return to Malaysia. She is also a registered pharmacist in both Malaysia and Singapore.

Before taking up the academic position at Universiti Sains Malaysia, she has experience working in a corporate clinical research organisation as a pharmacoeconomist and medical writer.

  • Pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research, in particular cost-effectiveness, budget impact analysis, cost analysis, cost-of-illness studies, health-related quality-of-life studies, cross-cultural adaptation and validation of questionnaires; pharmacy practice and health services research.

    1. Pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research
    2. Economic evaluation
    3. Health services research
    4. Quality of life
    5. Pharmacy practice
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    1. FAR 191: Research Methodology and Statistics in Pharmacy
    2. FAR 193: Social and Public Health Pharmacy
    3. FAR 292: Pharmaceutical Management
    4. FEL 276: Pharmaceutical Marketing
    5. FAR 391: Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics in Developed Countries
    1. Cost analysis & cost-of-illness studies.
    2. Cost-effectiveness & cost-utility analyses.
    3. Budget impact analysis
    4. Health-related quality-of-life studies.
    5. Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of questionnaires.
    1. Academic Editor & Editorial Board member, PLOS One Journal
    2. Editorial Board Member, Malaysian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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