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    PhD, PharmD, B.Pharm

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    Discipline of Social & Administrative Pharmacy

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    J01 Room 131A

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Mohamed Hassan Elnaem, Dr

  • Research Interest

    1. Quality use of medicines
    2. Patient-reported outcomes
    3. Health service research
    4. Pharmacy Education

    Ongoing Research

    1. Evaluation of Grit and its Associated Factors among Undergraduate Pharmacy Students from 14 Asian and Middle Eastern Countries.
    2. Association between depression, anxiety, medication adherence and glycaemic control among Malaysian patients with type- 2 Diabetes Mellitus. 
    3. Assessment of academic resilience and its associated factors among undergraduate pharmacy students" An International study.
    4. Assessment of knowledge, Perception, Experience and Phobia toward corticosteroids use among the general public in the era of COVID-19: A multinational study.
    5. Evaluation of clinical outcomes associated with the use of new oral glucose lowering drugs: An observational study.
    6. Assessment of the effectiveness and safety of lipid lowering therapy among elderly patients with type-2 diabetes mellitus.
    7. Development of telepharmacy practice module for training and upskilling of Malaysian future pharmacists: A qualitative approach.
    1. Clinical pharmacy
    2. Quality use of medicines (diabetes and CVD therapeutics)
    3. Patient-reported outcomes
    4. Mixed-methods pharmacy practice research
    5. Health service research (Academic detailing)
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    1. To be updated soon
    1. Consultant pharmacy academician, Rhazes Telehealth Sdn. Bhd., 2022

    1. Adjunct Lecturer, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice- Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Jakarta- Indonesia, 2022
    2. Panellist in the FIP webinar on digital health in pharmacy education: Global showcase of initiatives from pharmacy schools, 2021
    3. Panellist in the FIP webinar (role of pharmacists in diabetes prevention), 2021
    4. Keynote Speaker for (COVID-19 Pandemic: A Pharmacist Perspective) Webinar, Indonesian Pharmacists Association, 2020
    5. Speaker in ED-certification Module for Pharmacists, Sandoz-Malaysia, 2019
    1. Best poster presentation, FIP academic pharmacy section, FIP annual congress, Seville, 2022
    2. Academic Award (Research Publications), Faculty of Pharmacy, IIUM, Staff Takrim day, 2022
    3. Best research group award (leader), Faculty of Pharmacy, IIUM, Staff Takrim day, 2022
    4. IIUM promising researcher award, IIUM Quality Day, 2018
    5. ISPOR travel grant, ISPOR international meeting 2018, Baltimore, USA
    6. Best poster award finalist, annual ISPOR European Congress, 2017

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