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70 Students Made An Academic Visit to Seoul National University (SNU), South Korea


In a historic event marking a new era of academic collaboration, 40 pharmacy students from Seoul National University (SNU), Seoul, South Korea and 70 pharmacy students from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) participated in a groundbreaking program (SNU × USM PharmCulture Exchange) aimed at sharing pharmacy practices and cultures between the two countries on 17 May 2024.

The event marks the first academic visit beyond Southeast Asia under the Pharmaceutical Science Association of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, USM (SOPS USM) and also the first time for SNU's College of Pharmacy (COP SNU) to welcome the visit from a university outside South Korea. The event was initiated and organised by Miss Nur Fara Azwa from SOPS USM and the student representative of COP SNU, Mr. Bae Hankyeong.

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The occasion began with an opening ceremony attended by the VIP lineup from COP SNU which featured Prof. Lee Sang Kook, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, along with Prof. Park Sung Gyoo, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Prof. Chang Tong Shin, Director of Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr. Goh Choon Fu, the project advisor from SOPS USM with Dr. Ezatul Ezleen Kamarulzaman and Dr. Noratiqah Mohtar were also present. 



The day's activities continued with an extensive campus tour of COP SNU. Highlights included visits to the student club activity space, pharmacy museum, animal facility for pharmaceutical research, central instruments laboratory, fitness room, lecture hall, pharmacy information library and pharmaceutical plant for education and research.



During the visit, the students actively exchanged their life experiences and pharmacy education. There was also an exposure for the SOPS USM students to the research activities and environments by visiting a leading research laboratory. The SOPS USM students also learned about pharmaceutical production in a pharmaceutical plant with different instruments including tabletting, capsule filling, mixing and granulation. The visit ended with a hands-on experience of preparing blister packs themselves!

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Following the tour, a vibrant cultural exchange took place. COP SNU students showcased presentations about their culture and customs and insights into the Korean Pharmaceutical Society. On the other hand, SOPS USM students prepared an impressive and dynamic gimmick performance, Malaysian fashion show and Dikir Barat performance. While the accompanying lecturers from SOPS USM have a chance to exchange their opinions on pharmacy practice and education in both countries with the Dean and the Associate Dean of Student Affairs of COP SNU.



The cultural and social events continued with more exciting and interactive activities such as the Korean folk game – Yut Nori, song guessing game, Hangeul cookie-making and traditional Malaysian games like Batu Seremban, Chi Ku Pang and Pick-up Stick. The event concluded with a heartfelt gift exchange between the students from both universities, symbolising the spirit of international friendship and academic collaboration.

This landmark event not only fosters a stronger bond between SOPS USM and COP SNU but also sets a precedent for future international collaborations in the field of pharmaceutical sciences between Malaysia and South Korea. The organising team from SOPS USM would like to thank Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Berhad, BZU BZU Malaysia,  Malaya Optical Optometrist, Chatelain Beauty, Olympic Builders Sdn Bhd, Mitrajaya Holdings Berhad, Bukit Hitam Development Sdn Bhd, Hiliran Juara Sdn  Bhd,  Next Delta Sdn. Bhd, Kiranamaz Property Sdn. Bhd, HCK Builders and LBS Property for the unwavering support and sponsorship!

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